Thursday, February 25, 2010

"art" while Avoiding Cleaning

I wasted some time recently on a little thing. I was clearing my desk and metal clay worktable, which I'm sorry to say has regressed back the direction it came from, and I needed a diversion. You know how ANYTHING art-related would be better than cleaning, as long as it's not some ART with a "capital A" project that would seem overwhelming?

Well, for years now, I've used a stained, faded and ragged mouse pad, handed down to me from my DH when he replaced his with one his company started printing as advertising giveaways. That was during our transition from a one computer household to a one-per-person household. The pad I inherited was also a free give-me, from an electronics store.

I decided it was time to deviate from cleaning to find an artistic mouse pad. Then it hit me that I could print anything I wanted onto one. So why not a photo of something I made?

For less than $10, I uploaded one of the photos on my business card and formatted it to fit. A week later, after the desk was again inundated and I had totally forgotten, a brown envelope appeared in the mail. Voila!

Maybe I should clean again? There could be some more art with a "little a" work I could do.

BTW, I ordered mine from VistaPrint.