Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Bracelet Under Way

As always, flying is good for sketching. My DH just bought a newer, faster Mooney Screamin' Eagle. My DS, who aims to study aeronautical engineering when he heads off to college in two years (!), wants to sit up front with him and learn about all the instruments, so I've been relegated to the back seat. Just me and my sketchbook!

One of the obvious extensions I've been contemplating is using the keyhole clasp design on a bracelet made totally of silver. So I drew out an example:

The idea is to make the links each a half-lentil, flat on the back but domed on top, to match the shape I've used for the clasp. This should be quick to whip up. I have the parts for a clasp ready to seal together, and several domed discs cut and dried. Just as soon as chemistry lab is over, I'll try to clear the work table and get back to it.