Saturday, March 06, 2010

Earrings #9 and #10

I'm trying to raise the level of the earrings I'm turning out, beyond just a simple metal clay cutout.

I've been toying with these split shields for weeks now, debating whether to hang them together or to use them separately (two pairs, then, you know!). Finally I committed to one pair, because I could hang them asymmetrically, which always appeals to me. Of course, I wired the wrong sets together. Murphy's Law always gets me first thing in the studio.

I had better luck on these chevrons. I've been debating how to wire them for ages, as well. I had them done a different way and it just didn't work for me. So today I cut them lose and started over. I decided to use some of the mega-pack of fine silver bezel cups I recently purchased and add a flash of color. Along the way, I discovered some clever tricks (clever for me, although perhaps well known to others). Now I'm looking at all my other components with an eye for a place to add more bezel set cabs.