Friday, March 05, 2010

Earrings #7 and #8

It's rather embarassing to start the Month of Earrings challenge and then drop the ball. But then, that supports my claim that I couldn't possible do a Ring a Day challenge!

I set my own challenge up so that the earrings could be loaded into the files at any time, and I'll obviously be doing mine in a rush! Thirty pairs are due by April 1, and her here I am loading #7 and #8.

It's really not as bad as it seems. I have loads of components made and fired. They're sitting on my workbench awaiting wires and finishing. I just have to go DO the rest of the work.

These earrings were an experiment in syringe work. Years of stringer practice in lampwork has given me a better concept for how to plan my work with syringe. In reality, these forms had a very bad tear-away texture imprint that was barely visible, so I concealed the error with a bas relief.

This pair of earrings is an example of what I do at the end of a package of clay. After stacks of packages with tiny bits of dried out clay piled up on my desk, I vowed to myself to always finish the package by making something small. Often I make leaves or tiny balls, since I use those so often. Here, I rolled snakes and formed them into the rings, then added leaves and balls to decorate. Much better than grinding and reconstituting!