Monday, March 01, 2010

Favorite Torch-Fired Enamel Artists

No studio time today, so I thought I'd post about the research I did over the weekend. As a sometimes organized type, I enjoy putting together collections of images that I like. In this day of the internet, that's a pretty simple thing to do.

I just copy images into a Word file, resizing and annotating at need, and print the lot to put into a notebook.

The top five torch-fired enamel artists that I studied this weekend include:

I've had a great time analyzing what draws me to their work and why, how they did it, and what ideas I can garner to put my own unique spin onto.

And I have a pointer from my work yesterday:
Don't forget to put the trivet underneath the counter-enameled copper for EVERY coat. If you do, you'll have a permanent reminder fused to your firing rack.

Now I'm heading to bed with a copy of 500 Enameled Objects to stoke the dream muses.