Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freak Accidents

So I've vanished from the planet, unless you saw my two short FB posts.

What has happened is a freak accident. I went for my regular morning walk with DH. I took a bad step on the back part of the neighborhood loop, and inverted the knee hard enough to snap the tibial plateau. Then I fell, cracking the orbit of my left eye and fracturing the right wrist.

After surgery by the central Texas specialists in such trauma, I've spent several days in the trauma hospital, weaning off morphine. Now, I've transferred to a rehab hospital, where I'll learn the skills I'll need to go home.

Already I've learned to push myself one-handed in a wheelchair and how to dress myself. Very tight schedule here, and not my usual aides, so blogging is short-changed. Read about my enamel project on the Master Muse blog.