Saturday, May 08, 2010

Garage Shower

Every invalid deserves a shower, even if they can't get up the stairs to the built-in kind. Outside showers can work, for example, camp showers, but neighborhood privacy can be an issue, not to mention the hobbling to the location. Then there's the deluxe garage shower build by a handy brother-in-law. I'm thinking I should write this up and take it to the rehab hospital for them to show others in the future that have the same issue.

This is essentially a shower fixture, with handspray, mounted onto a piece of plywood, then suspended from the two door rails in the center of my garage. Eyelets and rope hang a couple of shower curtains around the shower bench (standard medical supply issue). A non-slip mat and ladder shelving complete the ensemble. Just makes you want to zip outside for a toasty warm shower, doesn't it? Oh, remember the garage is too large to steam up, so a warm afternoon is best. Just hook up the water lines via long hoses to the nearby laundry room washer supply and open the garage doors to drain.