Saturday, May 08, 2010

Torch Fired Enamels

Finally got a photo of the stash of etched and torch-fired copper domes I made working up to my Master Muse ring tutorial. I'm really wanting to make some more of these, and I'm thinking that they're pretty enough by themselves without the silver settings.

I'm wondering if I can drill holes through some of these to make earrings or a bracelet. Anyone have experience drilling through enamel? It's pretty thin, so it might work.


  1. I have no clue if you can drill enamel but these are gorgeous!

  2. Beadbug8:40 PM

    I think if you use a diamond bit to get through the enamel and don't use any pressure just let the drill do the work they should be come out beautifully.

  3. I tried drilling through when the enamel blocked a previously drilled hole. broke the drill bit and cracked the heck out of the enamel :( BUT i agree that a diamond bit might work. Mine were regular old drill bits.

  4. Drill with a diamond bit and drill under water. A saucer just deep enough to cover your piece with water (so you don't get water in your drill), I put a sponge in and hold the piece while I drill. You most likely will crack the enamel but the nice thing about torch firing is that it is quick to fix!