Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodies from Bead & Button: Jewelry

Oh, the treasures one finds at Bead & Button!

The first thing I snapped up: a silver bracelet from Andrea Guarino-Slemmons. Her table at Meet the Teachers was diagonally behind me, so I got to choose before the crowd picked them over (but not before her Master Class students got to them, I'm sure!). I love the loose silver cup flowers that move and jingle ever so softly.

Also at Meet the Teachers, I scooped up Gordon Uyehara's class sample earrings -- copper and silver clay combined.

My only jewelry purchase during the main show was from the talented Gail Crossman Moore, so supportive of my injured status since she recently went through trials of her own. I went looking for something from her new series of work, like this necklace that won second place in the Saul Bell Design awards last year. I got caught by these bronze dangling earrings in a related style.

Bracelets and earrings, my two favorite things to collect and make.


  1. I love all your choices! I plan to go to B&B next year. :)

    Do you ever teach beginner metal clay classes around Austin?

  2. Dear Vickie,

    so good to hear that you are doing well and had so much fun at the Bead and Button. I wish I could get there once in my life ... it must be gorgeous to be able to see, touch, admire all that beauty there, to get in touch with all the artists I know only from the Internet ... you are such a lucky girl ☺.

    You have such a good taste, love your choice a lot, I think I would have had a big problem to make decisions what to buy ☺.

    Have a wonderful day,
    P. S. Sorry to haven´t been able to visit your blog for such a long time, the last months where very busy for me.