Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goodies from Bead & Button: Supplies

Shopping at a huge show is different when your mobility is impaired. I used the motorized scooter, of course. I guess I could have cleared everyone out of my way, for example the incredible crowd around Gary Wilson's booth drooling over stones would have gone down easily, but I didn't want to take out friends even when they were competitors (Louise and Mickey, aren't you thankful for my self control?)

Many folks were lovely and helped me out, making room for me or handing me goodies to check out at closer range. My DH waded into the fray for me, stood in lines, and generally handed over cash. What a guy! He especially enjoyed that stone booth above, generously talking me into extras. Other people were so goggle-eyed, making beelines for treasure before them, that they never saw me. Those are the ones to look out for. Would't want to run anyone down without intent.

Perhaps because of exhaustion, I really couldn't remember what I needed to purchase. I did recall the small faceted silver beads that I use in my bracelets -- two strands for a quick $100 start to the tab. That made me think of Softflex sterling coated wire and crimps, but wouldn't you know some shop had just cleaned them out of the large spools I wanted.

That led to thinking about stones for more bracelets. Alas, that was my downfall!! Not that I haven't bought stones in the past, but this year I got hooked on aquamarines, which are expensive! And just one kind won't do; there much be some variations that work together. Aren't they luscious?

Of course, I bought more than just aquamarines, venturing into lovely moss agate in many shapes.

That lead to phrenite,amazonite, lemon chrysophase and rhyolite.

Which led to fire agate, fossil coral and yellow opal.

Of course, there are the cabs and large bead from the aforementioned Gary Wilson, as well as Czech glass leaf beads and buttons.

I didn't even post photos of the ring inserts from Metal Clay Findings and the one lonely strand of lapiz beads. Oh, and the cool new tool for Viking knit.

Or the jewelry...tomorrow!