Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Moo Cards for Price Tags

At the last minute before Bead & Button, I uploaded two of my original black and white drawings to Moo, then printed a set of mini-Moo cards. I had the brainstorm to use these as hang tags for my jewelry. They would be decorative, reflective of my style, and offer my contact and pricing info all in one tiny package.

I used my multi-tasking metal clay needle tool to punch holes for the earrings or necklace clasps. The printed design made it easy to repeatedly place the holes in the appropriate place. One warning: the glossy surface doesn't like ink, so I had to use a fine tip Sharpie for pricing. Since I forgot to take sales packaging, I just slipped the card plus jewelry into a clear ziplock baggie, which looked passable on its own.

I'll be loading some of the earrings that returned home into my Etsy shop shortly.