Monday, July 26, 2010

Bronze Bird Ring Flock Increases

So many people have asked about bronze bird rings that I broke down and carved another set last night.

The issue with rings, of course, is one of size. And with bronze clay, the size issue is exacerbated because of shrinkage. I should be more scientific, I guess, and carefully measure before and after to analyze the shrinkage. For some reason, I feel unscientific about this, preferring just to get out my circle template, choose circles 2-3 ring sizes larger than my target size, and then cut each one with a different hole. Not that the size stays what I cut, as I carve the shank, making it larger. I notice when I slip them over the ring mandrel afterward that they are not perfectly round any longer (surprise!). That hand-carved look is the point, after all.

Ah ... they are what they are. The kiln gods have them, and each bird will hopefully find a willing finger to roost on, appropriately sized. This makes a flock of nine to take to the PMC Guild Conference.