Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out of the Worktable Mess

Finished jewelry is beginning to emerge from the mess that is my worktable. This is the second aquamarine bracelet, which I like much better than the first I made. I tried something more akin to the concrete pendant stringing at first, incorporating some syringe painted charms, but it didn't lay smoothly on the wrist. So, it's time to rework that one.

I adore this bracelet. It's just lovely, with chunky cut large aquamarines, smaller faceted aquamarine rondels (clear and cloudy), chalcedony rondelles, Bali silver nuggets and flowers, and a couple of Czech glass leaves that just seemed to fit.

One of my keyhole, ball and slot, clasps, set with an aquamarine cab. The only drawback to these gorgeous stones is the expense. Do I really want to part with it or keep it for myself? I guess that will depend on whether the price seems reasonable to some prospective buyer, or not.

Back to the mess that is my space. When I am finished here, I need to rethink my work area. I space just for stringing is needed. Putting all these loose, round objects right in the middle of my metal clay space is a big mistake. How do I get back to carving bronze?