Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Studio Reorganization Continues

Over the weekend, I got the new table together and more display shelves mounted on the wall. Rather, my wonderful Keenan did those things under my supervision. I'm slowly organizing the beads and wire that have lived piled on my sewing table for ages now into those new drawers. I might even be able to sew again, which would be nice, since I want to finally hang a curtain on the window in this room.

I decided I would follow my friend Lorena Angulo's lead, and put some of my favorite jewelry pieces out on display when I'm not wearing them. I'll do that, just as soon as I find them! See her amazing studio here and here.

You can see I'm bringing in more and more stuff, if you compare this newer photo of the clay area with the earlier version here.

What you can't really see is the clutter on my desk near my computer, which is buried under chemistry prep for tomorrow's class, or the folding table still laden with supplies in the near left foreground, along with four dining chairs awaiting some able-bodied (not me) person to spirit them back downstairs.

Stay tuned for closeups and details about some of the treasures finally on display.