Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Storage for the Studio

I can't go into an art and craft supply store without getting into trouble. I ventured into Hobby Lobby for a pen; I came out with a new storage chest. Actually it was a bit more involved than that. I bribed my son to go back with me to manhandle this thing through the checkout and home (the bribe involved me bringing all his chemistry supplies that he should have taken himself to class, but forgot). He literally picked the thing up in the back of the store and carried it the whole way. I knew there was a reason my refrigerator and pantry are always bare!

The chest just seemed so perfect, with a load of drawers midsize between the tiny drawers in the tabletop organizers and the large baskets in the Elfa stacks. One dozen drawers -- twelve! The perfect size for storing silver sheet and wire, as well as tools. Plus a small cabinet. And on sale, of course, which is why I had to go back today and get it after dreaming about it for two nights.

It also seemed made for displaying the vintage birdcage I bought on e-bay. Now I'm dreaming of a bird to go inside. Fiber or polymer? I haven't decided yet, but I'm definitely in love with the new acquisitions.