Monday, September 06, 2010

In a Fog

Why does it always seem that no matter how many supplies I have, there's always something missing?

I purchased these lovely moss aquamarines at Von's in Lafayette after the PMC Guild Conference. Few of the holes are big enough for my 22 gauge wire. I have 28 gauge, which seems too fine, but not 24 or 26. I made do by cutting up a head pin to get a bit of 24 gauge wire, then wrapped with the 28 gauge wire. So I need to order new supplies, for I fear these aren't as secure as I would like. I can't sell something I'm uncertain about. I guess I'll have to wear them myself until new wire arrives.

Then there's the question of missing pieces. I hurried to load a bunch of silver into the kiln before we went out the other evening. While dapping these flowers to dome them (it's easier than shaping them wet), I realized that I'm missing some things. Of course -- there was a whole other pile of parts on a different table that were left out.

Sigh. It does strike me that the aquamarines are blue-green-grey and misty like fog. How appropriate.