Saturday, September 04, 2010

Keep Moving -- The Glass Studio Cleanup

Today the temperature in Austin has receded to the mid-80s, so I've attacked the glass studio, which is in my enclosed back porch, which we call the sun room  from the days when it was used differently. Although I did have to ship the oxygen concentrator off for repairs, a kind friend away for the weekend lent me hers so that I can play. First I decided to clean the dust, cobwebs and grime of five months off the bench and tools. Of course, I won't show you the other areas yet, as they are inundated, but at least this is clean enough for torching.

In the foreground are the Bexley narrow files, scavenged from my husband's office, which hold 104 COE glass rods, drawers as yet unlabeled. Then there's my Chilipepper kiln, didymium shield, Creation Station, and mini-CC torch. I have one of Al Janelle's great magnetic tool racks to organize my glass shaping tools, except for the marvers, which I keep on the left side of the torch, because I taught myself when I was beginning and didn't know I wasn't supposed to change hands. The bench is made from off-the-shelf kitchen cabinets from Lowe's with a long formica top to bridge them. The nearest bank of drawers holds mandrels, frit, enamel, foil, etc. The bank on the far side of the torch holds less frequently used tools, such as presses, and has a drawer to dump shorts into when I'm cleaning up.

Beyond the flameworking area is an enamel and soldering station, with a tray of pumice and tripod/wire rack. I have quick connects so that I can change from my glass torch to the Little Torch. There's a tiny brick kiln (4"x4" inside), also scavenged from discards at my DH's business lab, that I use for kiln enameling. The oxy con is at the far end of the bench, and the propane tank is at the near end where there are double doors out to the patio.

Today's choice from Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto of Growth:

12. Keep moving.
The market and its operations have a tendency to reinforce success. Resist it. Allow failure and migration to be part of your practice.