Monday, October 11, 2010

Glass Mojo

I claimed a few hours on the torch from a busy weekend, to try to recover a bit more glass mojo. My stringer control is getting better. I just played around with wrapping the ends of beads, laying down branches (one direction is much easier than the other) and shaping leaves and birds.

Who could believe that I'm out of opal yellow glass??? I have drawers full of glass, but only one solitary rod of the beloved opal yellow when I went searching yesterday. Four beads it is, with opal yellow cased on a clear core. All the time I had anyway. I guess I need to return to organizing the glass stash. I did a whole drawer of pinks and one of silver glass last weekend, but none this time.

Sunday was spent experimenting with ceramic clay. I haven't played with that in many, many years, so it was interesting to try again. It did give me some ideas for new things to try with metal clay. It's useful to have an inexpensive alternate for testing purposes. I brought home a slab of clay to make a bunch of stamps and molds. It's good to have a friend who teaches high school art, with a specialty in ceramics. I forgot to get a photo of the small wish-keeper I constructed. Think of a small box with lid, with holes for stringing together. At the end I constructed a small hollow bird. I didn't have time to carve that one as I wished, but I'll make another at home now that I have the process down.