Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Bird Journal Pages

It was a quiet day on the recovery front. I'm waiting for my husband to be able to fly up to retrieve me. Our plane is getting a new engine, so he is anxious for the mechanics to put the finishing touches on, do the initial check ride, and then head off on a long break-in flight. The excitement of checking to see if the new engine increases the speed of the aircraft by a few knots is overwhelming. I much prefer the idea of two and a half hours home to five hours if I somehow get to Tulsa to fly commercially or twice that if I drove home.

Meanwhile I cook, putting up containers in the freezer for my father after I'm gone (beef stew and chicken & dumplings, anyone?). And, of course, I doodle in the new journal. The color from the scanned images is really off, so I've been adjusting them. I hope I don't get home and find they are all lurid after my "corrections."


  1. I LOVE the Bird journal! The pages I've seen are amazingly unique and beautiful in every way. Best wishes to your Dad and his continued smooth recovery.

  2. hi vicki,
    love all of your work, writing today because I love these little journal pages. I am a bird lover and these pages have inspired me to gather supplies, perhaps shop for a few and create my own journal pages! Cant wait looks like such fun.