Friday, October 22, 2010

Pen Work on a Journal Page

My father is progressing rapidly after his knee replacement surgery four days ago. He is hobbling all over with his walker, trying to figure out how to transport necessities with no hands. How well I remember that stage! I think it's one of the reasons I used the wheelchair so much for those three months.
My work here has been mostly to cook, run errands and move items that he can't manage. Today we moved the CPM machine that flexes his knee from his bedroom to another. Now that the angle is getting high, it was walking away from him and needed to be wedged against a wall to stop its pilgrimages. Getting it out of his bed will probably also help his sleeping.

Meanwhile, I work on chemistry long distance, read blogs, and work on my bird journal. Today I added lots of pen work to several pages, and thought I'd show this one that is essentially finished. Above is the initial quotation stage, where I was trying to work in the words to fit around the bird. Below is the finished page, with the letters inked in more heavily and tree branches added to fill in the voids.