Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bird a Week #1

Ruth Baillie is a fellow bird lover and artist over at Birdland Creations, who conceived the idea of a "Bird a Week" challenge. Bird fanatic that I am, how could I resist?

For my first entry, I finished another page in my Bird Journal. This one is titled Branch.

For those jumping anew into my Bird Journal entries, the process I use is as follows (see photos and details of the sequence here):

  1. I constructed the small 6"x6" journal from blank watercolor paper.
  2. Color was randomly applied to every page, using washes of acrylic paint.
  3. Using white ink or paint, I swirled in the scrollwork in the background.
  4. I printed out photos of various species of birds from a Google image search, which were then trimmed and pasted in. 
  5. From my collection of bird themed quotes, I chose one to fit the page, then penned it in by hand in my own original font.
  6. Details were added: crosshatching, floating ovals, shading and extra color with watercolor pencils, alterations to the birds, etc.
  7. Voila! Another page.
Want to see what the other members of the group are doing? Check the Bird a Week Flickr group or investigate the blog hop here: