Thursday, January 06, 2011

Custom iPad Skin

It came! After a bit of fussing to get all the bubbles out (the larger format is more difficult), I have the new skin affixed to my iPad. Now I can spot mine in a crowd!

Want your own custom skin? I used Photoshop Elements to design mine, adding a border from a separate bird journal page at the bottom, since the square format didn't fit my iPad. I uploaded the file to SkinIt, where it was printed and shipped within days. My only advice is to add a bit more of a border around the perimenter for misalignment. I have a tiny sliver of white at the bottom of the skin, because it printed shifted up slightly. Well, maybe check saturation better, as well, as the text is a bit hard to read on this print due to low contrast, but I think I like it anyway.


  1. I love this! I need to get more gadgets so I can get some skins with my artwork (what little artwork I have).

  2. Definitely, Lora! I want to see what you've got!

  3. I love it Vickie! Did you do the calligraphy yourself? I like the way the writing blends a little with the background It is awesome.... one more reason to get an iPhone! Sadly I am the only person in the known universe who doesn't have one (yet)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Maggie, the writing is my own lettering style that I use in my bird journals. The black is a page from one of the journals, and the gold bottom is an excerpt from yet another page.