Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ring a Week 6/52

Though a week behind due to illness, I'm carrying on with the Ring a Week challenge. Yesterday, I decided to try a new ring idea. I brainstormed something simple and quick, but still metal clay.

Since I've been working on some sculptural pieces, I decided to take that approach to the ring, rather than the texture plate work I've done on all the challenge rings to date. I started by wrapping snakes around a dowel and then tried to add leaves and a bird. After major frustrations with that format, it finally hit me that I could work flat and form the ring afterwards.

True, fine silver is not very strong, so it isn't the best choice for this ring, but I view it as a quick check of viability of the technique: estimation of length, mental design of the two ends to overlap, etc. Now I need to pull out the PMC Pro, which is so much stronger, and try with that. Forming will become the more difficult step then, with hammering and annealing required, but I'm thinking this still might be a fast and easy ring.