Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top Blog Posts

I've been looking through a lot of blogs while researching my upcoming kitchen remodel. One of the things I found most helpful was a fixed list of most popular blog posts, which helped me quickly get a sense of a blogger's relevance to my project. So I thought I'd steal that idea.

According to Google Analytics (in the almost two years since I started tracking), the top nine posts are below:

Details of how I make photopolymer plates from my own original drawings, using some simple gear and the Texas sun.

My applications for Ice Resin, including tinting with alcohol inks.

Ideas learned in a workshop with the innovative Kate McKinnon.

My favorite earrings by Ida Ida Studios (no website).

A three part tutorial directed toward photographing metal jewelry. Part 3 seems to be the most popular, but I've linked them all. You can also use the Photography Tutorial summary on my website, which is linked permanently in the sidebar. Part 3 also discusses basic Photoshop adjustments, so that probably explains its popularity.

A compendium of resources for patina on metal.

Another multi-part tutorial, now immortalized on my website and accessible through the sidebar link.
Even better, updated and full of photos and resource list in my Blurb book, Copper On, Copper Off.

8. Original Textures for Metal Clay

Original drawings for photopolymer plates, tear-away papers, or polymer clay texture plates.
I think the image itself is the draw, as there's not a lot of info.

9. Bronze Clay Rings at Bead and Button

A synopsis of making bronze rings in a workshop with Celie Fago at the Bead and Button Show. Only this ring is my own spin.

Now, I just need to think some about what those analytics mean.