Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Remodel, Complete

This weekend we got to start unpacking the myriad boxes of kitchen supplies. Yesterday we cooked for real at home for the first time in five weeks -- baked potatoes in one oven, apricot cobbler in another and mushroom wine sauce on the cooktop to go over the grilled steaks. Then this morning we had to make breakfast, and I whipped up fish tacos with honey-cumin slaw and chipotle sauce for dinner tonight. What a relief to have real home cooking again!

Here's the view of the finished kitchen, before the mess of unpacking began.

I love the Shaker feet added to the cooktop and sink cabs.

So far my new pantry is more functional than the old corner closet pantry, and the room feels much bigger without that visual wall. The drawers below are better than shelves for bags of pasta and grains. All my baking supplies are now more logically together in the cabinet left of the cooktop.

The Roomba and Scooba robots live with their charging stations hidden below the island.

The trash and recycling bins live together in the trash pullout, while baking dishes pack efficiently on side in the oven drawer.

We have lots more work to do to truly be finished: dividers and organizers inside drawers and cabinets, new window treatments, and - oh, yea - unpacking.


  1. It's gorgeous, Vickie!

  2. Your kitchen look great. I'm planning for our kitchen reno and I was wondering how wide your kitchen is from sink wall to the fridge wall?
    How deep is your island cabinets?

    1. Jihae, the kitchen is 12 feet 8 inches across that direction. The island cabinets are standard 24" depth, but the island legs and marble overhang make the island somewhat larger. The aisles on both sides are only about 36 inches, which is the bare minimum. We have more space between the island and cooktop, and would have preferred more all around, but the space just wasn't available. Many advised us to eliminate the island because of the space limitations, but we use it too much. It's not perfect, but it's not a huge issue either. We did put in a cabinet depth refrigerator to make sure we didn't lose any more space on that side.