Friday, July 15, 2011

Treetop Beads for the Gathering

Interspersed (widely) with the kitchen remodel, I've been making a few treetop beads out in the broiling hot studio. I've narrowed the focus down to just this one style. The only variation I allow myself is the color of enamels I use, as I experiment with various combinations. Naturally, they are all one of a kind, as each branch and leaf and bird is unique. The freedom of having a formula to follow is rather meditative.

Destined for my half table at the Bead Bazaar in Louisville, KY on July 30, and then my Etsy shop after that if unsold.


  1. These are your best yet, I think, Vickie- love the variegated background from the enamels! Looking forward to meeting you at the Gathering :)

    PS- the kitchen looks fabulous.

  2. very pretty! I don't think you'll have any leftovers for your etsy shop!

  3. really beautiful and such lovely colors