Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kitchen Remodel, Hood & Paint

The remodel is winding down. One to five people have been working steadily all day. This morning the electrical service for the oven was repaired, the hood installation was completed, and the walls and trim were repainted (BM Sherwood Tan = SW Latte).

This afternoon, the hardware installation started and touch-ups for the cabinets are underway. The drawer for under my cooktop arrived, having been completed only once it was certain how much the gas line and cooktop might constrain it, but hasn't been attached yet. The Shaker feet for the sink and cooktop cabinets were put in place.

Months ago when I purchased the hardware, I also ordered white Gilder's Paste to apply a cream patina for the island hardware. Despite hours of searching, I never found separate hardware that I liked more than my leaves, so I patinated six pulls today to contrast with the dark wood. We'll see how well it wears. Funny that Gilder's Paste, which I've had in my bag of tricks for two years now, has become all the rage in the metal clay world just recently.

The tile under the hood looks much better with light, which gives shadow and dimension to the 3D basket weave border. I'm amused that the two wildflower tiles I chose to include are Mexican Hat and Turk's Cap.

I'm looking forward to getting back to normal life, complete with cooking and cleaning. I find the continual interruptions of the workmen hard to reconcile with working in the studio. Two weeks from today I'll be at the ISGB Gathering. I'll be bringing some beads to sell at the Bead Bazaar, but right now I'm thinking there won't be a lot to offer. I need to focus for the next two weeks, but first I have to unpack the kitchen!