Thursday, September 08, 2011

Studio Setbacks

Some days are just not good studio days. Today I got SO close to finishing a ring that has sat on my bench for a year. I cut copper discs, then etched, domed, torch-enameled, relief-sanded and heat-patinated both. I chose my favorite for the ring and started to form the bezel around it. One of the reasons this ring mount has been sitting is that I didn't make it quite right. I made the bezel wall a bit too heavy, and I forgot to do the decorative edge before it was fired. Thus, today the bezel didn't fit as neatly as I would have liked, and the plain edge caused me to push the forming a bit too far. One slip and whack onto the enameled copper caused the glass to chip right off. See the bright, shiny copper area in the upper right quadrant? One ruined ring, this close to finished ...

What do you do when some days just go wrong? This isn't the only project I'm trying to progress on today, and it isn't the only one being difficult. 


  1. We all have those days. sometimes its best to step away from the bench, take a deep breath, and take a walk outside for a nature break. then come back to it with fresh eyes. I try to look at all my mistakes (and there are many of them) as learning experiences. Not easy to do most of the time when all I feel like doing is screaming and throwing things... hence the stepping away and taking a deep breath.

  2. Thanks for the "walk away" voice, Wendy. I have another project I've been alternating with, and I'm staring at it right now hearing your words. No need to have two in one day, right?

  3. I have those days. I just walk away. Better to take a break...then break something else