Thursday, November 17, 2011

Highlights of SOFA 2011, Part III

Big computer issues here in the Hallmark Studio – hardware damage on the disk right in the area where my e-mail program resides. If you are waiting for a response from me, I may have lost your message into the abyss or I may just not have dredged it back up yet. I’m learning lots about running “safe” mode. Thank goodness there is a computer wizard at my house, at least when he returns from his latest business trip.

Silke Knetsch & Christian Streit
Here are a last few impressions from SOFA before I move my writings on to other activities. Being that I love jewelry, I’m very attracted to the many galleries who exhibit jewelry at SOFA. Aaron Faber from New York City was in their usual booth with case after case of interesting adornment. Silke Knetsch and Christian Streit had some striking rings. I wasn’t familiar with their work, so I had a jaw-dropping time perusing their website.

mcallister brooches
Wendy McAllister
Wendy McAllister’s enamel jewelry at Charon Kranson Arts, also in New York City, was as compelling as always.
davidson collars
Jacklyn Davidson
They also had new work from Jacklyn Davidson, cuffs and collars made of blackened steel.

Artist needed
Other random work that really captivated me included this all-seeing ceramic owl. Unfortunately my photo of the artist’s name is unreadable. I’d love to give attribution if anyone recognizes this piece.

Eunmi Chun
There was entire menagerie of these small animals, constructed of cow gut and gold-plated hair! The artist is Eunmi Chun and they were shown by Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, NY. I didn’t realize until I looked at the website that they were brooches, as they were all at least fist sized.

To get a better taste of SOFA Chicago 2011, check out the SOFAexpo Flickr stream.