Friday, November 18, 2011

SOFA Travel Art Project

This year, we stayed a bit longer at SOFA, which made more more time. More time to visit the show on three consecutive days, seeing different things each pass. More time for sleeping and eating incredible food such as tapas and a seven course tasting menu. More time for cruising the corridors at Blick (the store front version of Dick Blick) for art supplies. More time for writing in my journal about what I saw and for recording new ideas in my sketchbook. And more time for a travel art project.

tiny book closed

When I recently ordered a new leather ottoman for my remodeled family room, I collected leather color samples. I started to toss them out, but some little voice in my head said that I would need them soon. Sure enough, I saw an adorable tiny book necklace in blogland and perused lots of examples on Etsy. Thus the idea to take supplies to make tiny books was born. Truthfully, I am still mourning a tiny book left behind on my last Italy trip.

tiny book inside

I packed the leather samples, thread and needles, a stack of copy paper pages trimmed to 1” x 1.5”, and a selection of beads and cords for trimming. Sitting in my hotel room in the evenings, Julie and I cut leather covers, creased pages, formed pages into signatures, and then stitched them onto the leather bindings. Eventually, we decorated them in our own styles. I used a Coptic marker for my design, while Julie scratched hers into the surface. A few pearl beads and a wrap of faux leather cord served for a closure. Then we shopped at Navy Pier for cheap bead necklaces to hang them. I haven’t strung mine yet, and may not do so.

tiny book open

However, I am looking forward to some tiny entries.