Sunday, January 22, 2012

Handmade Journal, Part 3: Page Process

Having recently produced a set of daily affirmations for myself, the notion of compiling them all into a lovely little book to peruse every morning seemed perfect for my journaling project.

Being that this is the third bird journal I've created, I have a pretty firm process. The process makes life so much easier! As I'm working on new studio and business routines right now, following this process is an instant reminder of the power of habit and ritual.

Here's my page process (assuming I'm starting with the pre-painted page):

  1. Paint the spiral in white.
  2. Outline the spiral in fine black ink.
  3. Add a color shadow to the spiral with watercolor pencil.
  4. Float a stream of ink bubbles behind the spiral.
  5. Glue on a printed bird image (I'll modify later).
  6. Pen the affirmation, first just lightly, then black in and add the flourishes.
  7. Add the black line tree.
  8. Enhance color all over with the watercolor pencils or other paint.
  9. Modify the  bird image (yet to come).
  10. Add more hatching, color and other details (yet to come).
It's not fine art, but it's creative and fun and a much more personalized set of daily affirmations.