Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Designing New Jewelry Packaging - How to Extend the Brand

Although I loved my old packaging, the manufacturer discontinued boxes in the size and color that I used. So I had little choice but to revisit the world of jewelry boxes and choose anew. Since I used the old packaging for both beads and jewelry, it worked well to have non-traditional tab-top boxes, personalized with a marabou feather and my Moo card. However, I've been concentrating on jewelry exclusively of late, so I finally made the move to a true jewelry box.

Even so, I wanted to stay true to my branding and stand a bit apart from the crowd, so I forwent the classic two part box with cotton in favor of snap top boxes with jewelry inserts. I stuck with the black and white theme, but designed some new stickers to make attaching the feathers quicker and easier. The stickers feature one of my original drawings and include my website information around the edge.

Although more difficult to pack and transport, the new boxes do provide a higher level of finish to my presentation. I'll be working next on a new sticker to affix to the inside of the box with details about the jewelry, including artist bio and care info.