Friday, July 06, 2012

Bird Song Brooch in Progress

The second of my quote brooches is coming slowly along. Last night I fired a couple of birds, the quote and hallmark, and a pile of fallen leaves. This morning I'm arranging these fine silver components onto the Argentium base that I previously constructed. You can see the bezel for the triangular hemimorphite druzy in place at the bottom right.

If you look closely, you'll also see 18K gold hammered granules at the top and next to the bezel. I'm about to go cut tubing for the "berry" tube set stones. These will all be fused in place before I flip the brooch over and start adding the back pieces with solder.

To see the sketch with the druzy, visit the post about stone inspiration. I'm debating a departure from my normal naming scheme, which always includes "bird," to one referencing the author. Since this piece will have a quote from Carly Simon on the back, which you can see in my texture design process, I'm thinking it might be the Carly brooch. What do you think? Carly or Bird Song?