Thursday, May 30, 2013

Designing Jewelry with Components

Piles of cast components are rather exciting in and of themselves.

cast leaf components, 3 sizes

Suddenly the entire idea of breaking designs into components seems so obvious. Why didn't I do this before? Not only did I mold leaves in three sizes, but I cast my simple rock rose in three sizes as well.

cast rock rose components, 3 sizes

To work with the drawings I made before, I must combine these components in various ways. 

leaf design #9

For many of the designs I need "stems," so I formed two different lengths in sterling clay, fired, finished, and molded those as well, again allowing for extra shrinkage. 

long and short stem models, after molding

Once I have quantities of these components to work with, the fun begins. I dump them out on my work surface and start experimenting with different arrangements.

experimenting with designs from components
When I find something I like, the components are permanently combined. Because all the components were cast in Argentium sterling, I simply lay them out as desired, with good overlap, and fuse them together.

first fused design from cast Argentium components


  1. All of those components and so many options! Who do you use to do the casting? Or do you do it yourself?

    1. I'm experimenting with options for different casters. These are from a local caster. I'm trying to get access to facilities where I could do it myself, since my class castings were better.