Tuesday, June 04, 2013

First Component Jewelry Pieces

To show the range of the idea of components, I whipped up three pairs of earrings one day.

A simple variation involved a pair of small leaves and a small rock rose, with plain wires fused in places. Very simple and fast, with many possible variations - length of wire, number of leaves and flowers, positions of everything along the wire, stones or not... I can see that having the components makes these much quicker to make, while maintaining the individuality of handmade.  It's a way to make simpler earrings at a lower price point.

These more complex earrings take a lot more metal, but the level of the design is clearly much higher. I like the heavy stems better than the plain wires on the first pair. These are a higher price point.

The simplest possible design is just adding a post to make flower or leaf studs, as shown in the previous post.