Wednesday, June 05, 2013

From Sketches to Metal - Scale and Composition

One of the reasons for making components in various sizes is the range of options that gives for composition.

This sketch utilizes leaves of all similar sizes. My largest leaf-on-leaf, approximately 3/4" long, can work well for this design. I haven't made this one yet, as I have yet to cast a large number of stems or to work out how the connections will be made - fixed or mobile.

More delicate earrings like these studs and small drops need a smaller scale of leaf.

The first time I made leaf earrings, the design which this entire series is based upon, I used the larger leaves stacked one over the other.

When I started to make the double leaf earrings with the stones, two large leaves together overwhelmed the 5 mm stones, so I made a medium leaf. 

You can see that the design doesn't quite match the drawing above, as I moved the components around when they were laid out.  

Here's another earring drawing with the beads along the stems, which I really liked, so I started experimenting with compositions including the beads, which are simply lengths of wire heated until they ball up and then fused into place. The rock rose flowers sitting on the bench got pulled in as well.

One thing leads to another - that's the whole point of working in a series. It's impossible not to have new ideas creep in as the work proceeds.