Thursday, June 13, 2013

Revisiting a Previous Design

One of the best things about working in a series is that I don't have to totally recreate a project. Say I need a new brooch, in the style of my Bird Song brooch which I adore (but which has some issues due to less than perfect workmanship).

Bird Song brooch
©2012 Vickie Hallmark
I don't want to simply remake the brooch, which would be impossible anyway since that was a special stone. I want to make a piece with the intention of it being even better. What would I improve?

Well, first I need a focal stone. This elongated pear citrine called my name during the last few minutes of shopping the vendors at SNAG. I listen when purchases speak to me, as over the years I've learned that my subconscious knows what I need before I do. It might sit for years, or it might get used immediately, depending on how long it takes me to execute the work sitting in my head. How's that for shopping justification? ;-) If I look at my Book of Attractions, there are many pages of black and gold themed work, so citrine is a good choice for a heavily oxidized Night series piece. I also happen to have a collection of round citrines hanging around, if I decide to tube set some smaller stones, as I did on the original Bird Song (those were white CZs). The original brooch used gold ball accents, but my lack of heat control led me to remove them. I'm a lot more experienced now, so I could try that again.  Ah...the plan is shaping up.
night brooch sketch 1
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
night brooch sketch 2
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
night brooch sketch 3
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
Now, I need to brainstorm layouts. Is there a different shape, a better shape, some other accents? Perhaps I should sketch a few options. These are three from a yellow pad late at night.

night brooch sketch 4
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
night brooch sketch 5
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
These are from Paper by 53, my favorite iPad app, which lets me add color easily. So, how about some feedback here - which sketch is your favorite? (I already know which one appeals to me!)