Monday, June 17, 2013

Coordinating a Jewelry Line

My first jewelry love is earrings. When I was sixteen I finally persuaded my mother to allow me to pierce my ears. Her own experience involved ice and a threaded needle in the hands of friend, so she wanted to spare me some agony. For some inexplicable reason, we were convinced that "self-piercing" earrings would be better. Over the course of many grueling weeks, those sharpened 14k gold posts bored through my earlobes. I swabbed with alcohol religiously to fight the infection issues of a long open wound, and refused to give up because I wanted to wear earrings so desperately. Two years later on my sister's sixteenth birthday, she got to have the studs shot through her ears instantly. Older sisters really do blaze the trail. I still have the 1/2" tormentor rings in my jewelry box.

3 Leaf Pendant
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
Over the course of the last few weeks, I've experimented heavily with my cast components, mostly working on earrings. I make things I would wear myself, and earrings are the item I always collect. Other people have different preferences. Some wouldn't leave the house without a necklace or pendant of some type. Some always have an armful of bracelets. Some love statement rings. To make my jewelry appeal to others, I need to make other jewelry besides just earrings. So this week is dedicated to working on jewelry other than earrings, inspired by the earrings I've made recently.

Oh, and maybe an occasional pair of earrings, just because I can't help myself.